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Used in the manufacture of emulsions for cold mixes.

GAP is a special blend of fatty nitrogen compounds in an inert solvent. GAP is used in the manufacture of mixing grade bitumen emulsions for cold mixes, grave emulsion and microsurfacing

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  • Characteristics
  • Density & Viscosity
  • Formulation Examples
  • Storage & Handling


GAP must be protected from exposure to water and to long-term exposure to atmospheric moisture which create a viscous layer and a chemical reaction can also occur which may lead to a reduction in the performance of the product.

GAP must be protected from frost. Continued cold weather storage can lead to a major increase in the viscosity of the prod- uct and also some precipitation may take place. If this occurs GAP should be heated and agitated thoroughly to insure a homogeneous mixture before use or transfer.

GAP must be use above 15°C.


Drum of 200Kg / IBC of 1000Kg

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