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Designed for use in micro-surfacing emulsions with paraffinic bitumen and Phosphoric acid

CPM-P is a mix of fatty imidazoline derivatives and amidoamines designed for emulsions used in cold micro asphalt, with parrafinic bitumen and phosphoric acid.

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CPM-P must be protected from exposure to water. When mixed with water, a chemical reaction can occur which leads to a reduction in some of the emulsifierís properties. Water will sink to the bottom of the emulsifier container and form a clouded viscous layer. The clear unaffected emulsifier should be carefully decanted off without disturbing this layer and used as soon as possible.

CPM-P must be protected from long-term exposure to atmospheric moisture. This takes place slowly on the emulsifier surface exposed to moist air. It is identified as a viscous clear skin which may lead to a reduction of product performance. Bulk storage tanks are more likely to experience this due to long storage periods and open vents. Smaller containers with small amounts of emulsifiers can be damaged on long storage especially if they are not fully sealed.

CPM-P must be protected from frost. Continued cold weather storage can lead to major increase in the viscosity and some precipitation may take place at temperatures below the cloud point. If this occurs CPM-P should be heated or agitated thoroughly to insure a homogeneous mixture before use.


Drum of 200Kg / IBC of 1000Kg

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