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Additive for long term adhesion in hot binders.

TPH is a concentrated mix of alkyl-amidoamines and polyethylene amines used as an adhesive agent for hot binders to ensure a better bitumen/aggregate bond.

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TPH must be protected from exposure to water and to long-term exposure to atmospheric moisture. When mixed with water, a chemical reaction can occur which may lead to a reduction in the performance of the additive. Water may also flash/splash when added to the hot bitumen. Atmospheric moisture contamination takes place slowly on the additive surface exposed to moist air. When in use, protect from rain and seal tightly when not in use. Do not leave small amounts in containers for long periods before using it. Inspect the storage container and all seals for damage or leaks.

TPH must be protected from frost. Continued cold weather storage can lead to major increase in the viscosity of the TPH. This can lead to difficulties in pumping the additive.

Also some precipitation may take place at low temperatures. If this occurs the additive should be heated or agitated thoroughly to insure a homogeneous mixture before use.


Drum of 200Kg / IBC of 1000Kg

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