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Designed for bitumen emulsions with a Neutral pH.

AFM is an amphoteric emulsifier used in the manufacture of bitumen emulsions with a neutral pH, but could be also anionic or cationic. This amphoteric emulsifier can be used to manufacture emulsions used for microsurfacing, tack-coating, prime-coating and in cold mixes such as grave emulsion, and emulsions for soil stabilization.

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AFM must be protected from frost. At temperatures below -5°C AFM may freeze and may rupture the IBC. The product itself will be unharmed. If this occurs AFM should be heated until it melts and agitated to insure a homogeneous mixture before use. AFM is not compatible with other Chemoran emulsifiers.

AFM in not compatible with other Chemoran emulsifiers.


Drum of 200Kg / IBC of 1000Kg

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